High School Winner

Nabeel Ahmed and Sharjeel Ahmed

OutSafe is an app that manages your orders with QR codes. You use the app to unlock OutSafe hardware that keeps your packages safe so that only you and the delivery person has access to it. Companies can use OutSafe SDKs on their own product so that shipping is done through OutSafe.


Middle School Winner

Maansi Misra

GoodRecs is a book recommendation app that looks to tailor book recommendations based off questions that the user answers.

Honorable mention

Task Town

High School Honorable Mention

Jacqueline Edwards and Daniela Liang

Task Town is an app for IOS that rewards you for completing tasks on your to-do list with materials that can be used to build and upgrade houses in your own personal town. Users can add tasks to their to-do list, and upon completing a task they select approximately how much time it took them from a list of several time ranges, and they are then rewarded accordingly. Task Town is designed to provide a way to both have fun building your own town, and to stay organized and motivated.

Health Help

Middle School Honorable Mention

Deepti, Deepika and Varshaa

Our app gives the user a full day plan starting from when they wake up to when they go to sleep. The app gives the user time for school or work and has healthy meals and exercise routines along with meditation courses.

Joy Bot

High School Honorable Mention

Parth Harish

JoyBot is a chatbot mechanism which analyzes the tone and speech patterns of the messages to determine if the user is undergoing a stress disorder such as PTSD, Depression, or another. If the tests are positive, alerts regarding the National Suicide Prevention Line and encouraging techniques to reduce the user's stress are provided. Psychologists, doctors, and other professionals can use this application to help diagnose stress related disorders, or monitor the progress of their patients.

COVID-19 Tester

Middle School Honorable Mention

Anna Zeng

COVID-19 Tester is an app that gives users a quiz that shows what COVID-19 symptoms they might have.

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